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July 2018

 Membership Promotion

Get the Summer for FREE when you prepay for a one-year membership option.

Ask at the front desk for more details or contact us.

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Sooke Fitness has been in business for over 20 years in the Sooke community and has over 6,000 sq.ft of space to help you achieve your goals.


Limit your chances of burning this summer by getting a base tan in a controlled setting.

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Sooke Fitness offers two lay down beds. If you wish to book a bed please contact the front desk for pricing options.

 Supplement Store

15 % OFF all CARNITINE products.

Benefits of this product included:

  1. Increases Endurance
  2. Enhances Weight Loss
  3. Prevents Muscle Damage
  4. Amps Up Fat Burning
  5. Boosts Brain Function
  6. Regulates Blood Sugar

Offer ends – July 15th, 2018

Sooke Fitness offers a wide range of supplements from PVL and MUTANT to meet your fitness needs.