Xiomara Mendoza

Personal Trainer - ISSA
Indoor Cycling Instructor - Success Fitness
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Growing up I spent my days biking, rollerblading, playing basketball and baseball with my dad and brothers. It was my passion for health and fitness that led me to become a certified personal trainer with ISSA. I use my sports background and my love for cooking and nutrition to help clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I strongly believe in the necessity of living an active lifestyle and I am passionate about helping anyone wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes. This can be anyone, – Those who have never stepped foot in a gym, someone ready to lose weight or get toned, or those seeking to increase their endurance and develop strength. I can help you achieve your goals by creating a program that is specific to your needs, physical ability, and goals while offering variety and most importantly, providing you with the knowledge to enable you to continue your fitness journey for life. Correct form, proper technique, and injury prevention are all vital aspects of exercise that I incorporate into each training session. I will never stop my pursuit to learn as a trainer and am currently working on my indoor cycling certification to broaden my skill set. Watching my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals is the most rewarding experience!