Garry Knox

BSedHPER (Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation)
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NCCP Level 3 National Skating Coach
25 years of experience as a Personal Trainer
Get in Touch:
I have a passion for working with anyone who has made the decision to improve their quality of life through improved fitness.  I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals whether they be:
  • Improving your basic fitness and targeting improved function for an active lifestyle. (muscle strength, flexibility, agility, cardiovascular fitness)
  • Rehabilitating an injury
  • Improving strength and power for sport
  • Training energy systems for sport
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
I believe variety is an important component of any fitness program.  Variety in your program will continually challenge your body and your mind, thereby improving adherence to your exercise program.
I look forward to working with you all whatever your fitness goals may be.
Garry Knox
Personal Trainer
Sooke Health & Fitness
Facts about Garry Knox -
Why should you train with Garry Knox?:
- I have many, many years of experience in training all ages and stages of populations.
- I have myself trained for competitive sports, trained for climbing/trekking in South America, rehabbed injuries, and continue to train for a healthily active lifestyle here in Sooke.
- Being age 59 myself, I have a clear understanding of the needs of the aging populations.
- Being a national level competitive athlete in past years and training athletes; I am a great resource for anyone wanting to improve power, strength and agility in the gym, and then being able to transfer that to their sport.