Mia Taylor

BA in Kinesiology and Psychology - Specializing in Nutrition,
Strength Training,
Behavioural Epigenetics,
Life Coaching,
Over 5 years of experience
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I like to train everyone from those just getting into physical activity, healthy eating, and lifestyle changes to those seeking to significantly increase their professional athletic performance. Every program I create is specific to the needs, physical abilities, experience and goals of my clients – there is no one size fits all. Whether you suffer from obesity, arthritis, chronic pain, debilitating injuries, diabetes or require a higher level of coaching for advanced athletic endeavours – I can help you shape and achieve your goals. My programs are created using extensive research and scientifically backed data – I keep my information up to date through continuing my education on a daily basis – as a personal trainer; I will never stop striving to further my knowledge in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biology, movement and mobility, lifestyle factors, health and fitness history, genetics and more; there is always more. Research either supports or expels the effectiveness of training programs – I bring current up to date knowledge to my clients so they can achieve their goals in the most effective and manageable ways.

Mia Taylor
Personal Trainer
Sooke Health & Fitness

Facts about Mia Taylor -
Why train with Mia - I am realistic and I can help you shape your goals
- I am emotionally intelligent - I have a significant ability to connect with my clients on all levels; beyond physical goals
- knowledgeable and experiences with form and body mechanics, weightlifting techniques, and physics as it relates to exercise
- I dont just make goals attainable - but maintainable