Garry Knox 

Garry Knox 

Personal Trainer, Sooke

  • National Level Skating Coach
  • BsHPER
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Garry enjoys working with a mixture of different members. He enjoys learning about your needs and goals to then work together to develop a successful plan.
When training with Garry you will be focusing on muscle balance, core stability and staying within the appropriate volume/intensity relationship to best help you attain your goals. Functional movement is a priority in his mind.
Further information about Garry:

  • Garry is also a coach in the sport of figure skating. He has a good eye for identifying deficiencies in movement patterns, then more importantly will provide the correction necessary to improve.
  • At age 66, Garry understands the ageing process and the impact it has on confidence, balance, strength, agility, mobility as well as working with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint replacements.
  • Garry has a vast experience of working with all age groups and towards fitness goals from learning basic movements to improve agility and balance to complex movements to improve sport performance.
  • Having been an athlete for many years of his life in sports of gymnastics, figure skating, power skating, track, bodybuilding and power lifting, Garry has a large resource of different approaches to training.

Contact Garry today to take the next step towards those fitness goals. 

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